Safety Tips When Booking a Hotel

While many business trips or vacations go smoothly, travellers should prioritise their security and safety when staying at a hotel. While on vacation, many people always feel that security is the last thing they need to worry about. However, hotel stays may be associated with some security concerns such as having items stolen from the room, forgetting your belongings, fire emergencies or terrorist attacks. Here you will read through tips to help you stay safe in your home away from home when travelling.

Research Accommodation Before Booking

When searching for a hotel to spend the night, many people consider the price and proximity. However, it’s essential to research the location before making the final decision. Tools such as MapQuest and Google Maps can help you get a feel of the place, especially if visiting the area for the first time. Also, remember to request the right room because, at times, rooms located on the lower floors are prone to crime. It’s advised that one considers rooms located from the third floor to the sixth floor, because not only are the rooms less prone to criminal activities but also one can quickly get downstairs in case of emergency.

After Check In

The first thing to do after check-in is to know where the emergency exits are. Many hotels will have signage and notices showing the doors and the security procedure for evacuation. When in the room shut the window curtains, which will act as a physical block between you and the outside world. This will help keep your activities private, especially when not in the room. If you can see other people while in your room, remember that they might also be staring at you.