Stylish Decor in Hotels

If you visit a classy hotel, you can be sure that some wall art will be included in the accommodation decor. Whether this is in the foyer, the bar or within the hotel rooms, you can almost always find some stylish pictures or posters to enhance the appearance and ambience of the hotel.

Posters, Prints and Photographs

The poster style of wall art is an accepted design that has been around for many years as a decorative accessory to brighten up the image of hotels. What could be better than an elegantly framed designer piece of wall art to add that touch of class to any hotel setting? A company that specialises in posters of all descriptions is Desenio. If you look at their website, you can find a design for every occasion. They have something for everyone from animals to maps and cities; you are sure to find what you are looking for. The company also has a selection of nature, graphic art and fashion posters. The list of subjects is endless.

Where to Use Poster Art in Hotels

If you are a hotel owner or manager, an obvious choice is to place pictures on the walls of each room. If you have different themed rooms, then consider matching the art to the subject. For example, if the room is for family use, then why not consider including some kid’s art. Desenio has a wide choice from which to choose. Try cute animals, Batman or cheery text designs to make the room more appealing to children. Many other subjects for children are also available.

If you are considering a more temporary theme, then why not have a look at the classic vintage photograph posters? These feature iconic snaps of famous people ranging from Audrey Hepburn

and Bridget Bardot to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. There is a considerable collection to choose from to give the hotel a classic vintage theme. These posters would also be ideal for a bar setting, especially if it features music. They will give any bar a retro-style feel.

Framing the Posters

What better way to set off your poster, print or photograph than by adding an elegant, stylish frame to the work of art? Desenio has an extensive range of frames in all manner of styles, materials and colours. These have been chosen to offer the best possible medium for showing your artwork to its full potential. The frames are easily interchangeable and accessible and are designed for posters of all sizes.


If you are looking for everything poster related, then this site offers the perfect choice. A well-framed piece of wall art will enhance the appearance of any hotel and is sure to make guests more comfortable in stylishly decorated rooms.