Features of a Good Hotel Website

In the digital age, an online presence is vital for the success of any hotel. If looking to redesign an existing website for a luxury hotel or launching a new site for a family hotel and have little knowledge on accommodation websites, here is a list of features a good hotel site should have.

  • Visual Content: When booking a hotel, many guests will want to know what the room looks like. Remember that in the hotel business, you are not only selling a service but also an experience. When designing your website, make sure you include photos and videos to show the visitor what to expect from a visual perspective.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Your website should be mobile-friendly such that it allows guests to book on the go. Mobile compatibility is essential for organic search, which will improve the hotel’s Google ranking.
  • Compare Rates and Rooms: Your hotel website should have a feature that allows visitors to compare and contrast rates, rooms and amenities easily. If this feature is not functional, then the visitors will not stay on the site for long. You can also provide a list of the rates, features and amenities of the available rooms.